Monday, December 22, 2014

Actress Of Jilbab Model Collection Show

However, Hijab is not just a headscarf. It is the complete way of covering your body. The only parts of a woman's body that can shown to the public are her hands, face, and some say, feet. The third letter 'J' of Hijab stands for Jilbab which constitutes the outer garment. It describes a garment that we wear on top of our underclothes. The underclothes can be anything like a long dress, a shirt and pants, a jacket and long skirt, etc.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Jilbabs The Contemporary Attire for Women

Jilbab can be easily worn over everyday clothing. The basic idea behind this is to keep the whole body covered when women are out in a public place. Times have changed, so have the tastes of women all over the world. That is why jilbabs are now being designed along contemporary and elegant lines so that they look stylish and achieve their purpose too.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Some of The Latest Colours Jilbab

Some of the latest colours in this fashion are midnight blue, lilac, periwinkle and sandy brown. One of my favourites is a long, till your feet, light brown jilbab with long tight cut sleeves pulled together at the cuff with three gorgeous golden buttons each. If brown isn't really your colour there is the latest range in midnight blue. When I went jilbab shopping the number of styles I saw were tremendous but if you are thinking of styling things up a little then you should try to get your hands on a blue specimen. A perfect one would be a long midnight blue loose flowing jilbab with purple motifs down the front.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Desire Something Different and Unique for Jilbab

 Women, in general, seek for and desire something different and unique for themselves; though most look alike, jilbabs sold at any outlet are designated to different places and labeled as Saudi, Turkish or ones from U.A.E. By assigning them a nationality separate from a local one allows the manufacturers and retailers to charge high prices. Jilbabs are long, loosely fitted garments worn by Muslim women to cover themselves properly; they are accompanied by scarves to wrap the heads. With increasing Muslim women donning the attire, many shops specializing in their sale are opening all over Muslim countries; Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, U.A.E., and Pakistan. Designers of the outfit are heavily advertising their creations that vary slightly from others.