Saturday, September 10, 2011

Model Jilbab Of Indonesian Celebrity

Brand names and famous designers have been an important part of the fashion industry of the west for a number of years, but all the major brand names offer only western outfits and not target the millions of Middle Eastern and other Muslim Asian countries, where women are equally brand conscious, but cannot benefit from the big labels due to the restrictions in dressing that are implied by Islam. The long flowing jilbabs and hijabs to cover the heads were initially only available by large retailers catering to the masses. Jilbabs are long robes and are used as outer garment. They come with separate arms that are stitched to the body of the cloth.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Nomination Of Muslimah Beauty Contest

Muslim women have several restrictions on their clothing. They generally wear clothes that cover them from head to toe leaving only their face and hands bare. You can easily point them out in a crowd with their traditional clothes. Women in many Muslim countries like to sew, and in certain poorer areas, they do not have the option of purchasing ready to wear clothes due to their high prices. So the other alternative they have it sew their own abayas and hijabs for themselves and other female members of the family. Some women are quite talented in the art of sewing, but not all can master it, as it requires a great deal of learning and patience to reach perfection.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Unique Style Jilbab Of Personal Expressions

Every woman wishes to have a unique style that mirrors her personal expressions. The Islamic Jilbabs retain the modesty of women, in-line with Islamic tradition and customs. Don't scour the perimeters looking for a jilbab when you can easily jump in your car and go to the nearest jilbab store or shopping mall. It's time to look carefully and grab the best designs before someone else does.