Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jilbab Cantik Of Detik Contest Event

But if this really is not your thing then I would suggest choosing something with a little more boldness but at the same time keeping in mind the subtlety of the garment. An appropriate design would be the latest range in tie and dye colours. Jilbab stores have managed to couple together some absolutely stunning colours and have created some splendid elegant styles. This would of course look best with a plain headscarf with maybe a little beading around the edge.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fashion Designer and Branded Jilbabs

Brand names and famous designers have been an important part of the fashion industry of the west for a number of years, but all the major brand names offer only western outfits and not target the millions of Middle Eastern and other Muslim Asian countries, where women are equally brand conscious, but cannot benefit from the big labels due to the restrictions in dressing that are implied by Islam.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Jilbabs are A Wonderful blend of Fashion

Jilbabs are a wonderful blend of fashion and modesty for Muslim sisters. All over the world Muslim women are donning them to ascertain their own identity. They come in a variety of colors with intricate embroideries, laces and trimmings suitable for various events. Even the fabric used in their making can be light and breezy cotton apt for hot weather, or smooth and elegant chiffons and silks appropriate for a formal gathering. These graceful articles of clothing are also available in a large range of colors and designs; for day-wear, you can choose lighter shades in beige, off- white, sky blue or olive green, whereas for night-wear, black, chocolate brown or navy blue would be an ideal choice.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Jilbabs For the Sophisticated Elegant Look

Every woman wishes to have a unique style that mirrors her personal expressions. The Islamic Jilbabs retain the modesty of women, in-line with Islamic tradition and customs. However, clothes not only serve the purpose of covering one's body, they are also a style statement and thus need to be chosen carefully. The Jilbab is one of the most popular types of Islamic clothing, since it covers the body from the head to toe. These clothes are made of rich fabric to give it a sophisticated and elegant look.