Thursday, December 07, 2006

Guide to the Jilbab Size Chart

About the Jilbab

Just what is a jilbab? Basically, it is a collective term for all loose fitting and lengthy clothing items that Moslem women wear. But unlike the other clothing pieces worn by the Moslem women, this jilbab is basically a form of a coat that is meant to be worn over the clothes so that the Islamic requirement for wearing the hijab will be met automatically.

However, in Indonesia, the meaning of the Jilbab gets to vary slightly from its traditional meaning. In this country, the jilbab is known simply as a head scarf. This head scarf may or may not have a visor on it, which is a value added feature meant to help in protecting the skin on the face from the harsh sun.

The jilbab is known by many names. It may be called the jilbaab. Others call it the manteau, which is French for mantle. Still others call it the jubbah.

About the Jilbab Size Chart

The jilbab size chart is basically meant to serve as a guide for Moslem women as to how they are going to choose the right jilbab product for them. The jilbab size chart has two forms. One form is the chart which actually lists the various jilbab sizes a Moslem goods store currently has. Another is a diagram which lists all the elements in a jilbab in great detail, which will guide both the Moslem woman and the tailor in coming up with the best sized jilbab.

The jilbab size chart has four basic elements. These are the length, the sleeves, the bust, and the hips of the jilbab. The length refers to the measurement taken from the middle of the shoulders up to the woman's heel. The measurement for the sleeves, on the other hand, are taken from the shoulders up to the wrist. The bust measurement is taken around the bust up to the fullest point, with the tape measure going under the arms. For the hips, the tailor measures around the fullest or the largest part of the hip. All these elements would be shown on jilbab size charts, and knowledge of all these is important in coming up with the best sized jilbab for a Moslem woman.

Just some tips: make sure that the jilbab has some size allowances so that it will be comfortable to wear. The most advisable is an allowance of at least 5 cms for every measurement. It may also be a good idea if one could fit the jilbab before actually buying it.

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