Monday, July 10, 2006

Traditional Modest Clothing of the East

Traditional Muslim attires, especially for women, have always been very modest. Such attires cover a person's body completely. Modest clothing in Islamic religion involves covering a woman from head to toe, barring palms, feet and possibly eyes. Women dressed in such clothes can be easily recognized in a crowd. Burqa-clad women can be easily spotted even in a heavy crowd. Traditionally it is essential that Muslim women abide by the Islamic guidelines, set by some prophets. If they don't follow the strict guidelines on modesty in dressing they are treated as if they have committed some sin and are at times punished too.

Fashion on the other hand is a very interesting field which involves a lot of experimenting. Hence, many top notch designers of recent times have redefined Islamic modest clothing in their own style and introduced them in the international market. For example, the famous designer Domenico Vacca has stylized the traditional Abaya and has successfully added it to his own line.

Some of the basic requirements for the traditional Muslim garments are listed below.

* Modest clothing involves dressing men and women in a decent manner so that they don't attract unwanted attention. This applies especially to women, who are supposed to cover their heads and faces too. It is a strict norm in this religion that women should not make a display of their beauty in front men who are eligible to marry them.

* Next, women are not supposed to wear figure hugging clothes. The dresses that are designed for them are loose and ill fitting and are usually of dark color so that no man gets attracted by their figures. Thus, Muslim women wear Abaya and Jilbab in public to ward off unwanted male attention.

* The material of the attire should be thick enough to hide the body curves completely. Garments made of see-through materials are a strict no.

* Lastly, it is very important that the person looks decent. One must be dignified in the clothes he wears. Shiny or flashy clothes are not allowed and neither is any such jewelry or make that will make the individual a center of attraction. On the other hand, clothes should be clean and sober but not ragged. Wearing ragged clothes is considered to be a step towards attracting sympathy to oneself.

Muslims are not allowed to copy the style, whether good or bad, of other religion and nations. They are supposed to dress in modest clothing and lead a simple life. If you want to get such modest clothing then East Essence store is the right place for you.

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