Saturday, July 22, 2006

Buying Islamic Clothing Online

People's clothing is typically influenced by the culture, climate, available resources and materials and traditions, which would include the individual's social status, religion and group identity. Islamic clothing that Muslim men and women wear usually varies depending on the culture that they are from.

Islam mentions people to wear clothing, which is modest in appearance and behavior. Islamic clothing that is available for men and women today reflects the belief that they have in the values, which are taught by Islam.

Today, Islamic clothing can also be purchased online. There are a lot of websites, which offer pieces that are typical of modest Islamic clothing.

Some options which are available for women looking for Islamic clothing are Hijab, which are the loose and modest clothing that comes with a scarf that goes over the head then under the chin and burka or burqa, which is provides a more complete covering for the face, head and body.

Some other kinds of Islamic clothing for women which can be purchased online are: abayas, which are robes that are similar to dresses that women could wear over their regular clothing, which are able to reflect their Islamic tradition; jilbab, which is a dress that looks similar to a raincoat and has zippers or buttons halfway or all the ay down the front; niqab, which is a veil that covers the face; hijab, which is a kind of a head scarf, particularly a square scarf that is diagonally folded then worn on the head to cover the hair, throat and ears, but not the face; and hijab accessories, which would include under scarves, pins and brooches.

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